Kiikurit from Turku

Kiikurit from Turku ("Turun Kiikurit" in Finnish) is a folk dance and folk music organization, founded in 1957. For nearly sixty years Kiikurit has taken care that people in and around Turku have the possibility to dance, play and sing Finnish folk music together in good company. In addition to weekly practises, gigs and bigger concerts celebrating anniversaries, the organization also organizes trips and other social events for its members.

Dance groups

Kiikurit truly is an organization for the whole family. The youngest dancers - playing and singing together with their mother, father, granny or other adult - have barely learned to walk, whereas the oldest dancers are more than 70 years old. Altogether six different dance groups make sure that everyone can find a group meeting his or her own age group. The groups for children focus more on singing and dancing to traditional and contemporary Finnish songs and music. The adult groups practise and perform both traditional as well as more modern choreographys. There's nothing like a brisk Finnish polka with the energetic touch of Kiikurit!

Choir and musicians

A unique feature of Kiikurit differentiating it from many other Finnish folk dance organizations is its choir with ca. 20 folk-song enthusiasts. The choir's repertoire consists only of music arranged (or even composed) for this choir alone, and the singers focus on the lively perfoming of Finnish folk music by choreographing most of the numbers. In addition, the organization's own group of folk musicians make sure that no cd's are needed in any gigs or concerts. The group is ready to perform a wide range of music from children's songs to complex contemporary folk music pieces and also accompanies the choir.

Contact information

Throughout its history, Kiikurit has been actively participating in folk dance events in Finland and abroad. Are you interested in inviting us to visit your festival? Please see pictures from recent years and contact us for more information!

e-mail: turunkiikurit(at)